Alejandro Giacomán
Alejandro Giacomán Music Composer and Producer
Music Composer and Producer    
Burn the bridges Soundtrack
(Quemar las naves)

Ariel prize for best score on the 50th Mexican Cinema Academy award ceremony april 25th 2008.

Quicktime Music Demo from Burn the bridges
(Quemar las naves)

Posted only for demo purposes © Las Naves Producciones, 2007.

Score composed by Alejandro Giacomán:

5 Pintando Mar
6 Luces
7 Huida
8 Beso y descuido
9 Te dejé algo en tu cuarto
10 No puedo (Bonus track, CD only)
11 Pinturas rotas (Bonus track, CD only)

Performed by Orquesta Sinfónica de Aguascalientes, Román Revueltas, Director.
Gustavo Velázquez: Guitar
Alejandro Giacomán: Piano
Beata Kukawska: Notation supervision
Recorded byJuan Switalski at Teatro Aguascalientes
Mixed by Alejandro Giacomán at No por Suerte Studio
A Film by Francisco Franco Alba, Las Naves Productions

Many thanks to Instituto de Cultura de Aguascalientes

SONY BMG 886973050224

A Burn the bridges Symphonic Suite for piano and orquesta was prepared in 2015 and it is available for public performance. More information in the email link below.
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