Alejandro Giacomán
Alejandro Giacomán Music Composer and Producer
Music Composer and Producer    
Soundtrack Por Mis Bigotes (Whiskers)

A film by Manolo Caramés

Music by Alejandro Giacomán

Mis quince bigotes de fama, performed by Javier Gurruchaga, nominated for best song for film at the Diosa de Plata awards 45th edition 4/19/2016

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01 Los Bigotes del Ritmo - MegaMix Bigotón (Daniel Plascencia)
02 Javier Gurruchaga - Mis quince bigotes de fama (Alejandro Giacomán)
03 Juan Solo - Contigo Puedo Ser Quien Soy (Juan Solo & Carreyó)
04 Los Bigotes del Ritmo - Olonam (Daniel Plascencia)
05 Los Bigotes del Ritmo - Hey, hey, hey (Daniel Plascencia)
06 Daniel Plascencia - Hay un cambio en mi (Daniel Plascencia)
07 Juan Solo - Alguien Como Yo (Juan Solo)
08 Los Bigotes del Ritmo - Trucutru (Daniel Plascencia)

Score by Alejandro Giacomán:

09 Mundo Invisible
10 Niño con Bigote
11 Pelos de verdad
12 El Club de los 10,000 Bigotes
13 Bigotón
14 Bigotes Famosos
15 Bigotones al rescate
16 Bigotes a la Moda
17 Casting de Invisibles
18 Muy sus Pelos
19 Amigos Invisibles
20 Harto de fama
21 Pelea de Pelos
22 Pintando el mural

Enhanced DATA Track

23 Video Los Bigotes del Ritmo - MegaMix Bigotón (Daniel Plascencia)

Recorded by

Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra - F.A.M.E.'S. Project - Skopje

Director : Oleg Kondratenko
Recording Engineer: Giorgi Hristovski
Pro Tools : Boban Apostolov
Asistants : Riste Trajkovski - Evtim Ristov
Contractor: Laurent Koppitz

René Villarreal López Rebuelta - Score Asistant

Piano and additional percussion: Alejandro Giacomán

Composed and produced byAlejandro Giacomán de Neymet S.A.C.M.

Mixed at No por Suerte Studio September 2014

Mis 15 bigotes de fama
Performed byJavier Gurruchaga
Words and music by Alejandro Giacomán de Neymet S.A.C.M.
Javier González Ramírez - Electric Guitar
Recorded and produced byAlejandro Giacomán at No por Suerte Studio


Lyrics from Mis quince bigotes de fama were published in a SUpanish learning book for french spoken students, Vamos allá 3e from Didier Editions, 2017, Paris, France.
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Giacomán at No por Suerte Studio 2015
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