Alejandro Giacomán
Alejandro Giacomán Music Composer and Producer
Music Composer and Producer    
Horario Estelar Series Original Soundtrack

Series directed by Luis Urquiza

Music by Alejandro Giacomán

Hollywood Records


1 - Horario Estelar
2 - Toda la Verdad
3 - Sangre y Jabón
4 - Ojo del Huracán
5 - Se ve venir
6 - Investigan el Problema
7 - Decepciones
8 - El destino no para
9 - Seducido
10 - Te lo dije
11 - CDMX From Above
12 - Discúlpame
13 - Pesadilla y arrepentido
14 - Solarización
15 - Recordándote redes y bares
16 - Northern Danger y Mea Culpa

Mixed, edites and produced at No por Suerte Studio, Mexico City

Score proofers:
Dominique Petrich
Alejandro Duprat

FAME’S Studio Orchestra,
Conducted byOleg Kondratenko
Recorded at FAME’s Project, North Macedonia
Coordinators and contractors: Laurent Koppitz Aude Nassieu

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