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Used Equipment for Sale
PLEASE NOTE: This equipment is offered as is, used, obsolete, working, and available for delivery in Mexico City, cash only. Prices in US dollars and availability subject to change without notice. Offers are accepted. Other currency is accepted at the transaction's date exchange rate. If you are outside Mexico City, shipping, packaging and transport courier costs and coordination are up to you. Equippment in same color areas on the list are sold together exclussively. For inquirys please use the email bellow on the left.
Used Equipment Brand Model - Photos in link US$
Interface Antelope Eclipse 384 ?
Sampler AKAI S2000 $249
Digital Recorder Alesis Adat LX 20 $189
Remote Control Alesis Adat BRC with rolaround stand. $239
Drum Module Alesis DM-Pro $99
Sample rate converter Alesis Ai-1 48-44.1KHz real time AES/EBU, Optical & RCA $149
Synthesizer Alesis NanoPiano 1/3 Rack $149
Synthesizer Alesis QS7R Rack $149
Compressor Alesis 3630 $99
Card Alesis Vintage Keyboards Q Card $99
Aural Exciter Aphex Type C2 $99
Compressor Aphex 661 Expressor with Tubessence (Balanced , 2 chainable mono units available, price is for each unit) $350
Audio Interface Apogee Track 2 with 2 Mic Preamps, and 4 cards: 8 ch analog output, Firewire, Adat & ProTools HD $1,500
Audio Converter Apogee Rosetta AD-96 Stereo Converter (2 channel ADC) Analog XLR to Digital AES/EBU, TDIF, ADAT $499
Audio Converter Apogee Rosetta 800 192 (8 channel AD and DA) Analog: balanced DB-25 I/O. Digital: AES/EBU DB-25 & ADAT I/O. $1,600
Laptop Computer Apple MacBook Pro 15” Intel Core i7 Quad Core 2.7GHz /16GB memoy/500GB flash HD (MacBookPro13,3) (2016) $1,000
Computer Apple G4 733 1.25GB 60GB CDRW 56K Power Mac (2001). ATTO SCSI Card (Digital Audio, Ideal for Protools Mix or 002) - CRT Monitor Viewsonic 17 $374
Computer Apple Mac Mini 2.3 QC/2X2G/1TB/AP/BT-SPA Late 2012 MD388 E/A $250
Computer Apple Mac Mini Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz (Macmini 1,1) 2GB, 80 GB, SD. Early/Late 2006 - MA206LL/A* - Macmini1,1 - A1176 -  2108 $125
Monitor Apple Cinema HD Display 30” Flat Panel, adapters included $300
Monitor Apple Cinema HD Display 23” Flat Panel, adapters included $150
Monitor Apple Studio Display 17 Flat Pannel 17 TFT LCD, ADC input or DVI adapter Incluided, usb hub. $125
Laptop Computer Apple Powerbook 150 M2740 120MB 4MB (1994) Perfect working order and state (no Battery). For Collectors. MacOS 7.6.1. Floppy Disk. $399
Audio Interface Avid ProTools HD I/O 8x8x8 (Requires ProTools and HDX card) $2,000
Audio Interface and card Avid PT|HD Native Card+ Omni I/O and ProTools HD9 in ilok - Requires PCIe Computer $2,000
USB-MIDI Interface Avid (Digidesign) MIDI I/O MH041 $150
Aural Exciter Barcus Berry BBE-462 $99

Boston Micro 80x II (Passive Pair)

Case Calzone for SDP-1 Ensoniq Piano $74
Synthesizer Crumar Stratus $1,500
Super Gate DBX 172 $149
Subharmonic DBX 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer $200
Piano Ensoniq SDP-1 (Weighted midi keyboard) $274
Guitar Amp Fender Performer 1000, hybrid tube distorsión and transistor amp. Pedal and stand included. $450
Compressor Limiter Focusrite Red 3 seriial F071XXT $2,500
Guitar Pedal Fultone OCD - Distortion $100
Preamplifier EQ Comp HHb Radius 40 $300
Guitar Pedal Ibanez DDL - Digital Delay 80's $100
Controller IK Multimedia iRig 37 $60
Video Monitor JVC TM-910SU (For editing, videoasist, duplication 8.75 in diagonal Color, Multiformat, Analog) $149
Mixer Kawai MX-8R Rack $99
Controller Korg MicroKey 2 Air 61 $120
Sinthesizer / Vocoder Korg MicroKorg with Microphone $300
Sinthesizer Korg Wavestation A/D $600
Amplifier Krell 300 FPB Full Power Balanced Class A ?
Remote Control Lexicon MRC $99
SMPTE Interface MOTU Video Time Piece - Video, Midi, Audio. $145
Speaker Magenta SA1-es Passive Speaker (3 units, E.g. LCR, price for each) $150
Expansion Chassis PCIe to Thunderbolt Magma ExpressBox 1T for thunderbolt, thunderbolt cable (for ProTools|HD Native + Omni I/O)


Expansion Chassis PCIe to Thunderbolt Magma ExpressBox 3T (for ProTools HDX & PCI Cards) Includes a dual SATA Card


Stereo Monitor Controller & Talkback Martin Sound Monitor Max $749
Keyboard M- Audio Keystation Mini 32 $50
Audio Control Module Niche ACM, Automation with MIDI $150
Synthesizer Nord Clavia Nord Lead 2, 64K card, anvil type hard case optional $799
MIDI processor Oberheim / Gibson Labs Strummer for simulating guitar playing. $49
Dock for MacBook Pro OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock for Apple MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 port. Works simultaneously as power supply. $250
Synthesizer Roland D-550 $600
Reverb Roland R-880 $600
Synthesizer Roland Super JD-990 $600
Synthesizer Roland JV-2080 $600
Synthesizer Roland XV-5080 with cards and digital output module $1,000
Sampler Roland S-770 (Complete with color monitor, mouse and CD-ROM) $769
Sampler Roland SP-700 $249
DAT Recorder SONY PCM2300 Balanced XLR & RCA connections. Works well but needs service. Includes custom built anvil type hard case. $249
DAT Recorder TASCAM DA-40 $400
CD Player TASCAM CD-450 $200

TASCAM UH-7000 USB 2 audio inputs and outputs

Preamplier + Compressor Symetrix SX202 + SX208 both on a single rack adapter


Surround Monitor Controller SPL SMC 2489 $250
Reverb TC Electronic M2000 Studio Effects Processor $450
Delay TC Electronic D-Two $300
Guitar Pedal Voodoo Lab Superfuzz Distortion $150
Organ Voce Micro B 1/2 Rack $149
Wytron CD Duplicator 298 $200
Wytron DVD Duplicator 399 $300
Center Speaker

Yamaha NS-C110 (Passive)

Mono Amplifier Yamaha MX-M70 for central Speaker $100
Mini Keyboard Yamaha CBX-K1XG $100
Synthesizer Yamaha TG77 $400
Piano Yamaha Upright Acoustic $2,500
Receiver Audio/Video Yamaha RX-V373 Home Surround multiple inputs $100
Multiple FX Zoom 9010 for Guitar $274
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